Voyager Strategies helps SME CEOs understand their growth opportunities so they can invest successfully in their futures.
We work with businesses which are:

  • Organising for growth;
  • Dealing with disruptive change including changing markets;
  • Looking to more effectively realise their shareholders’ ambitions.
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Voyager Strategies helps regional agencies develop and execute SME-based job creation and retention strategies which:

  • Focus on the best opportunities;
  • Complement and leverage existing programs;
  • Raise both SME capacity and local support capacity;
  • Regional Development Packages

 Mentor Opportunities
We are looking to develop a mentor team to support a progressive national roll-out of services.  Our initial focus is the ACT.
Please contact us if interested.

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  • Investing in Your Company’s Development - You know your company has growth potential but you’re not sure how to best make this happen. Your instincts may well be to ramp up your sales and marketing – after all more sales gives growth. Here’s another way of thinking...

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Since 1991, Voyager founder John Hemphill has helped hundreds of SME management teams learn the key growth metrics and growth strategies that help them reduce risk and increase success…

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