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What We Do

At Voyager we help regional business communities develop new opportunities for increasing growth and resilience.


Our Approach

We work with regional stakeholders, to generate new jobs and growth, by helping them implement business community-based development strategies.

Within these strategies, we show business principals how to create and follow successful growth paths.

And we make it easy for government agencies, and other allies, to support the businesses as they grow


Our Value

We think success comes from regional stakeholder efforts focused on new jobs and growth.  Which industries?  Which types of businesses?  What sort of assistance?  Time spent working on this will lead to the best use of scarce resources.

We see that effective learning makes growth planning and plan execution much more effective.  Business principals are frequently trapped by what they do know and what they don’t.  The right learning expands horizons and skills.  We judge that 85% of regional businesses underperform.  Our aim is to reduce that percentage.

What we do …

Stakeholder-led Development of Regional Business Communities

Successful business communities mean successful, sustainable regional life.  Jobs and growth.  A sense of communal purpose.  A way forward.

Each business community needs to meet its region’s internal needs.   But growth is best based on external needs.  Such as creating destination capacity, and capability, to attract and service new business.  One current, prime area is destination-based tourism.

The best strategies take into account parallel development between regional opportunities and increasing business capacity.  This an opportunity for a community’s stakeholders to step in.   We’re talking about councils, chambers of commerce, industry support organisations.

This is where Voyager comes in.  We assist these stakeholders to marry business community development to overall regional development.  We focus delivering strategies which nurture the human infrastructure required.

In the short video below, we outline how this works.

Regional Business Growth Pathways to Success

We work with individual regional businesses (usually within a regional strategy) to help them identify and develop their Growth Pathways.

Jointly with each business, we establish where they are and their Goals for growth.  These set the start point and the end for an individual pathway.  This is a satisfying mental model for the type of journey a business needs to take to succeed.

From there, we help them distil and validate their opportunities for new business and those needed to retain existing business.  From there, Next Steps are derived to take the business through annual targets to their three year Goals.

Finally, we put them up before experts for validation and advice.  And to generate support from government agencies and allies to invest safely in their Next Steps.

Which brings us round to the vital recognition that growth and new jobs only happen after each business invests in its future.

In the video below, we describe how business Growth Pathways work.

Regional Business Allies and Enablers

Strategies implemented by regional stakeholders, and business pathways developed by businesses, will benefit greatly from ally and enabler support.

Assistance can include funding, in-kind support, alliance partnerships for go to market, additional education, provision of specialist services.

For this reason, we will be engaging ally organisations into our program development so they can provide a bridge for businesses beyond the Next Steps stages to which we take them.

In the short video below, we look at the ally and enabler opportunities.

The Voyager Strategies Team

Voyager is led by John Hemphill who has specialised in working with regional growth SMEs.  An engineer and economist, his background includes the military, the Trade Commissioner Service, and the creation of Austrade.  He is a systems thinker, a talented simplifier and tool developer, and gifted instructor.  Voyager has widened its focus to working with regional stakeholders to build programs that deliver their communities new jobs and growth through business success.

New Team Members

Voyager is now in search of kindred spirits to develop and manage relationships in different regions, deliver services, and to grow with the company.  Watch this space.  If interested contact john.hemphill@voyagerstrategies.com.au  


We regard clients as part of our team.  In  one case, we worked closely and successfully with a client for over 10 years, and with 350 of their network of SMEs.


Voyager’s sister company is Axxos which owns and operates our online Learning Management System and its repository of problem solving and planning tools.  http://lms.axxos.com.au 

 Axxos is led by Steve Newman. Steve is a widely experienced and respected  regional business person and community leader.  He is an accomplished developer of people. 


Voyager by the Numbers

Regional technology commercialisation

Total SMEs assisted by Voyager and ancestor companies

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Voyager and its predecessor organisations have worked with:


Victorian state agencies

NSW tourism bodies

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Sun Microsystems

ACT agencies

NSW Councils

Legal firms


SA state agencies


NSW state agencies

NSW Regional Development Area Committees

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