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What We Do

We help business owners think innovatively about their new business, more efficiently about their existing business, and practically about how to execute the changes needed to increase the value of their organisations.


How we do it

We support regional stakeholders in developing and executing innovative business community development programs to deliver jobs and growth.

We can work with regional allies to provide channels for them to assist business communities to develop and to increase their own footprints.

The Voyager Strategies Team

Voyager is led by John Hemphill who has specialised in working with regional growth SMEs.  An engineer and economist, his background includes the military, the Trade Commissioner Service, and the creation of Austrade.  He is a systems thinker, a talented simplifier and tool developer, and gifted instructor.  Voyager has widened its focus to working with regional stakeholders to build programs that deliver their communities new jobs and growth through business success.

New Team Members

Voyager is now in search of kindred spirits to develop and manage relationships in different regions, deliver services, and to grow with the company.  Watch this space.  If interested contact  


We regard clients as part of our team.  In  one case, we worked closely and successfully with a client for over 10 years, and with 350 of their network of SMEs.


Voyager’s sister company is Axxos which owns and operates our online Learning Management System and its repository of problem solving and planning tools. 

 Axxos is led by Steve Newman. Steve is a widely experienced and respected  regional business person and community leader.  He is an accomplished developer of people. 


Voyager by the Numbers

Regional technology commercialisation

Total SMEs assisted by Voyager and ancestor companies

ITC fast growth

Other industries fast growth

Voyager and its predecessor organisations have worked with:


Victorian state agencies

NSW tourism bodies

Patent attorneys

Sun Microsystems

ACT agencies

NSW Councils

Legal firms


SA state agencies


NSW state agencies

NSW Regional Development Area Committees

Accounting companies

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Phone: +61 (0)418 866 112


Skype: john.h.hemphill