Regional New Job Creation and Growth via SME Success

  This is the first in a series of blogs looking at SMEs and the associated opportunities for regional new job creation and growth. It draws on experience in working with Federal and State agencies, regional bodies, and hundreds of regional SMEs Situation As a...

Investing in Your Company’s Development

You know your company has growth potential but you’re not sure how to best make this happen. Your instincts may well be to ramp up your sales and marketing – after all more sales gives growth. Here’s another way of thinking about this.  Our diagram opposite shows the...

The Analytical CEO – the Blocked or Negative Growth Transformation Case

Company transformation is a recent buzz phrase.  What does it mean?  What’s involved? Transformation, in our terms, means taking your company to a safer place and one where the company is more capable of sustainable growth.  Which implies you need to find out: Where...

The Analytical CEO – The Future

The future is hard.  It’s all out there but we’re not quite sure what it’s going to be.  If you’re an optimism you know it’ll be better than the past; if you’re a pessimist you know it will be worse; if you’re a realist you know it will be different. Good companies...

Refreshing the Business with a Spring-time Review

One of the great sights of spring-time travel in Greece is villagers lovingly whitewashing their houses.  White and gleaming, the houses become ready for whatever the year will bring. Businesses are the same.  There’s a need to refresh what you’re doing by having a...

Facing The Growth Readiness Gap

May 4, 2014 | 0 comments

If you’re a CEO of a soundly run company you should aim for sustainable growth. When you’ve got that, you add value to your company each year while living within your cash flow.

But most companies face a Growth Readiness Gap between where they are and the goals they want to achieve.  This Gap often only becomes apparent when you start driving for growth.  Then everything becomes difficult with bothersome questions to answer like:

  • what new business growth opportunities should we invest in?
  • how much should we invest?
  • are we ready for growth or should we consolidate our existing business first?
  • where are we starting from?
  • are we really clear on a set of achievable goals?

If you want a snapshot of your likely readiness, do our free Assessor.  This provides you with a quick reading on where you are.

Here is an example of an Assessor profile of a company strong in new business opportunities, but weak in developing its existing business operations.  (A growth ‘Aspirant’.)


What does this company have to do to start moving, successfully to sustainable Growth?  Use our online Assessor provides some quick pointers.

Try it for yourself.   Sustainable Growth Self-Assessor

In subsequent posts, we’ll explore the different aspects of sustainable growth.