Case 2 – Family First (The Garibaldi Group)

Tony, a returning expatriate, looked at his family’s hospitality businesses and found them wanting. Each was an expression of the skills and interests of a different family member – the coffee shop, the regional product store, the milk-bar, the farm, and the upmarket restaurant.

Analysis of the existing businesses showed that margins were reasonable but unambitious. There were more resources (Assets) tied up than there needed to be. And there was no marketing critical mass.

During the accelerator, Tony developed a business model which drew the different businesses together to produce a regional destination-marketing offering. This was a lot more than the sum of original parts. Plans for the now streamlined business could be much more ambitious than for the different parts and, critically, the new grouping now had the clout to negotiate important council approvals for accommodation and events.

Tony was a patient, ‘people person’ with a good strategic eye. He had the skills to smooth the passage of the new family business structure into being without any meltdowns.

What was seen here was a sound capacity to envisage what successful growth business model would look like and the suasion to bring it about.

Analysis and business models matter.

Follow-up Findings
The Garibaldi group has been recognised for its contribution to destination marketing, has successfully negotiated required Council approvals, is on a strong growth path. It’s family stakeholders are happy.


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