Refreshing the Business with a Spring-time Review

One of the great sights of spring-time travel in Greece is villagers lovingly whitewashing their houses.  White and gleaming, the houses become ready for whatever the year will bring.

Businesses are the same.  There’s a need to refresh what you’re doing by having a thoughtful look at how things are going and what you need to do to prepare for the year

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if your business is not currently achieving its potential:

  1. Do you feel your business is stuck?  Symptoms include:
      • Falling or static sales?
      • Falling and/or low margins or profits?
      • Cash flow a constant worry?
      • Sense of drift?
  1. If the answer to Q1 is ‘Yes’, where do you see the problems?  For instance, is there some combination of:
      • The company’s goals are unclear and don’t provide a unifying direction?
      • You have no organised method of creating new high value business?
      • Existing business is tired; customers are no longer excited by what you have; or there aren’t enough customers?
      • Your management arrangements across the company are no longer working well?
  1. If you think some of the answers to Q2 are ‘Yes” you can use the Sustainable Growth Assessor to test your thoughts further.
  1. This allows you very quickly to assess the quality of your:
      • Goals
      • Future business building
      • Existing business
      • Management.
  1. This will help you focus where you need to scrub the walls and apply the whitewash.

If you need help, including probing a lot harder to isolate and fix problems, please get in touch.


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