About John Hemphill

circleSince 1991, Voyager founder John Hemphill has helped hundreds of SME management teams learn the key growth metrics and growth strategies that help them reduce risk and increase success.

John draws on his invaluable experience as a Duntroon graduate and military engineer, his career as a Trade Commissioner in Austrade, and over twenty years’ experience working directly with SMEs. He designed and delivered a long-running management program for more than 300 South Australian IT SMEs that was widely praised by participants and their clients, including the SA Government.

John’s focus today is on the critical role of CEOs in helping their organisations become more aware of their business environments and quickly apply lessons from this awareness. He founded Voyager Strategies as a vehicle for helping SMEs improve their learning capacity.

In addition to establishing Voyager, John is the founder of Axxos Pty Ltd, where he serves as one of the company’s four directors, and is a founder and director of GrowthMentor Pty Ltd.

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